Counselling & Coaching

Length of Typical Counselling Sessions for:
Individuals -60 min
Couples- 90 min
Families- 90 min
Length of Typical Coaching Sessions are 60 min​

Individual counselling session(s) can provide our clientele with; 

  • ​Emotional support and feedback 
  • Coping strategies (i.e. stress management) 
  • Resources and referrals will be provided

We assist couples with:

  • Premarital, marital and post separation counselling
  • Identifying unhealthy behavioural patterns and triggers that lead to relationship breakdown
  • Defining goals for each party and working collaboratively to resolve conflict
  • Learning effective coping strategies for improving communication, managing emotions (stress, anger, anxiety, depression, etc.)
  • Coaching couples on how they can enhance sexual intimacy and cultivate a healthy relationship, that includes respect, honesty and trust
  • Mediating conflict through the collaborative development of mutually agreeable parenting plans, separation agreements and partnership agreements
  • Parent coordination services and arbitration services are available upon request.

Family Counselling is an effective way of helping members of a family with understanding and accepting the root causes associated with conflict. The purpose of family group therapy sessions is to assist each party with identifying their triggers and addressing behavioural patterns that cause harm to self and others. Through individual and group counselling sessions, clinicians will support the family unit with conflict resolution as it relates to marriage, re-partnership, separation, and divorce.​

Family Mediation​

Family Mediation is the neutral facilitation of family dispute negotiation. All parties willing to compromise on their interests work towards creating mutually beneficial agreements. The process is designed to ensure a safe environment and level playing field during the negotiation process. The facilitator is a neutral party who assists all stakeholders equally and without bias.
The role of the Family Mediator is to:

  • Ensure the safety of all participants
  • Focus the attention on the best interests of the children
  • Provide an equal voice to participants
  • Reduce the emotional stress of the parties involved
  • Reduce the financial costs of resolving family disputes
  • Minimize conflict and uphold peace and respect
  • A fair and reasonable agreement

*In the event that parties are unable to resolve conflict through the mediation process; arbitration may be requested (parties give full decision making authority to the facilitator).​

Parent Coordination​

The purpose of Parenting Coordination is to facilitate communication and cooperation between parents for the purpose of effectively co-parenting their children. Relationship Boutique Inc. provides facilitation, education and consultation to parents in order to establish cooperative parenting plans and reduce conflict. We provide guidance on time schedules, selection of medical personnel or professionals, the choice of education and extracurricular activities for the children, etc.​